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Loss Prevention Security Guards In Vancouver

How does Securiway Loss Prevention Security Guards Provide An Exceptional Security Service

Theft has become an uncontrollable issue in the modern world. Accordingly, we understand your concern about protecting your business grounds as you cannot leave your stores and warehouses unattended. Hence, we provide highly trained and experienced loss prevention security guards to protect your business. In addition to being a deterrent to threat, they are also well-equipped and trained to monitor your grounds to ensure its safety.

Our Vancouver Security guards are bound to protect lives and your property while also preventing any losses, waste, crime, and violence. They take their job very seriously!

How Can Loss Prevention Security Guard help you?

Did you know that internal theft sums up to nearly 6% of revenue losses in businesses while external thefts add a lot more to that number? This is why loss prevention security guards are important and sought-after. Loss prevention security guards are often employed at stores for security purposes. They possess a diverse set of skills that can be used to prevent external theft and also discover internal threats to your business. 

The following is a list of important functions that a loss prevention security guard performs. 

1. Prevent External Thefts

External thefts can come in the form of shoplifting to organized crimes. Either way, our security guards Vancouver are trained to be vigilant of the people walking into your business locations while also constantly observing the surrounding for any skeptical activities. They are also skilled and equipped with CCTV cameras, scanners, and other high-tech security equipment that facilitate their services.

2 Prevent Internal Thefts

Internal thefts occur by the hands of employees themselves. Hence, internal thefts are not easy to identify or inquire into, like external thefts. This is because there is a level of trust that has to be maintained between you and your employees, and therefore, you cannot openly doubt them without solid proof. In addition to that, employees also know the ins and outs of the company. Thus, unless you have solid theft prevention and detection controls in place, this is why internal thefts often go unrecognized.

However, on the brighter side, our security guards are trained to maintain employee logs to document each person’s activities and raise concerns if they deem necessary. Besides, if any doubts arise, our employees can discreetly track employees for investigation purposes and look for any suspicious activities.

3.Provide Tips To Improve Security

We are more than happy to let you know that you can contact us to assess your security systems and procedures. Our Security professionals in Vancouver are well experienced when it comes to security so that they can advise you on areas of improvement and tips for better security. Typically, due to their experience and knowledge they find a lot of theft enabling areas that we would have otherwise overlooked. Therefore, our team can advise you on your company’s policies and procedures, GPS security protocols, CCTV camera placements, and so much more.

4.Conduct Security Audits

Our employees are also trained to conduct security audits for you. They can carry out security assessments and identify the pros and cons of your company’s existing security procedures. Afterward, they will analyze their findings and devise better solutions for your company as they see fit. Once they complete the audit, they can reveal their discoveries and recommendations to your senior management. 

5.Investigate The Compliance To Policies And Work Performance

Our employees can discreetly monitor your employees’ performance to identify any threats to your company’s security from both internal and external parties. Their tasks can range from covert operations such as going undercover to work with your employees to perform periodical inventory checks and warehouse walk throughs. After all, being in the field will help them discover and learn a lot more than what they would have learned by observing through other security equipment.

Loss Prevention Security Services

Do Our Security Solutions Reap Visible Benefits ?

We take pride when saying that our efforts display visible benefits. As a leading security company Vancouver, our security guards are trained to rightly track and keep a log of all of their activities carried out during their service. These include areas such as potential internal threats they were able to eliminate, shoplifting attempts they were able to identify on time, and property and valuables they managed to recover. 

At the end of the day, such efforts can be quantified based on the value of the losses that they would have otherwise incurred. Thus, you will be able to put a number on the return you gained from your investment on loss prevention guards.

Hence, worry no more. Come meet us and let go of the constant worry you carry around with you. Our security guards are well trained and more than ready to help deter theft along with other threats your company can be exposed to. We guarantee you that you will witness a clear return on what you invested with us.

Securiway Security Company

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